Pentecostal Assembly of Piliyandala

The 25th of April 1993 was the beginning of our Ministry as we held our first Sunday service at 4.00 p.m in a ‘temporary tent’. This was a memorable day as we started our service without a single believer & only with three family members. They were my beloved wife Silverine, my mother Mrs.Pearl Rathnaraja & sister-in-law Jeraldeen. From the following Sunday onwards, for ‘eight months’ I have shared the word of God with my wife as there was no congregation with us.
The first believer we found after eight months. He had been planning to commit suicide but while he was passing by our ‘tent’ he had heard that we were worshiping the Lord. He tried to ignore this 5 or 6 times but he had been compelled by some force to come in and he finally did, & knelt under Lord Jesus with a bottle of ‘poison’ in his hand. Thereafter people came and joined us gradually. After one year or so we had nineteen believers in ‘Penticostal Assembly of Piliyandala - Sri Lanka’(PAOPSL). Then we found a temporary place on rent. We were there for six years but during that period we were facing  a lot of hardships & obstacles as people were against us started to throw stones and did a lot of damages to our Church. One Sunday we had our Sunday service in a lorry, which was a memorable experience in our ministry.
During the persecution time our congregation of 150 came down to 38 believers. One day I had a dream that God was going to give us a permanent place. Years later the dream came true & ‘God blessed us with 15 perches of land’, but the villagers & authorities didn’t allow us to build a church, and finally we had to build a house.

In the year 2000, on 6th of January we had our 1st service in the new building & we had 40 believers for the service.  Two years later, 31st October 2002 at 2.00 a.m  an unknown group attacked the church with a bomb. My two daughters were sleeping about 15 feet away from the place where the bomb fell. The house front & my vehicle were heavily damaged. The miracle was that my two daughters were safe & no harm for them, because of God’s grace. The persecution was there always & a few months later again a bomb attack came but God protected us. 
Today we have 300 believers for the Sunday service & we are experiencing that God is moving soveringly . 
One day God revealed to me that I should go & plant churches, & expand the Ministry. God has given me an opportunity to go to Dubai & plant a church. Within a year it has grown up to 3 churches & having over 80 believers with us. Today we have churches in ‘Sharjah, Dubai & Al-Ain’ as branch churches of ‘Penticostal Assembly of Piliyandala - Sri Lanka’(PAOPSL) . We give all glory to God because of the faithful servants that he has given us in U.A.E. & Sri Lanka.
Recently Pastor Chandrabos from up country Holirood (Sri Lanka) joined with ‘PAOP’with his congregation of 25 believers & financially we are supporting them as a step of faith.
In ‘Pentecostal Assembly of Piliyandala’ Sunday school we have over 100 students.

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